Chocolate Leftover Cake

Honestly, I do consider myself a foodie. Of course I don’t exactly want to say that I’m a stuck-up food critic though! I like to call myself adaptable; that is when I find something I like it becomes a routine, when I have the funds I splurge on something fun (though perpetually useful), and when I am feeling the money crunch I make due with what I have.

To that end, I give you the Chocolate Leftover Cake (or as my fiance Rob likes to joke, ‘Les Restes de Gateau au Chocolat’… he wanted to class it up a bit). It is made out of older, less appetizing baked goods. Hear me out all of you ‘phobes out there; traditionally you would use stale bread for things like Bread Pudding and French Toast. That way, you have some substance to soak up all of the tasty yummieness from your batter. If you use older Graham Crackers in a crust than you’ve got a little extra oomph in your moisture-reflecting base. So why not reuse something that you didn’t get around to finishing into something else? Everyone (especially me) loves leftovers right? I made up this cake one day as I was flipping through the pages of a cookbook, longing for the days when I could afford Lady Fingers and the like (it was a chocolate book). I decided to see what I had, and at the time is was a huge container of cookies that I had made a little over a week prior. At somepoint during the life (or afterlife, as it were) of that batch of baked goods, we’d forgotten to put the lid back on. No matter the number of ‘you-did-its’ that both of us threw back at each other, we were still left with a bunch of hard crunchy cookies when hard and crunchy they were not previously. I’m too frugal for my own good, so I had to come up with something… and here we are! A nice little cold cake that sets up in the fridge in a couple of hours and makes the best late-night snack!


6 Ounces Bittersweet Baker’s Chocolate (6 squares for those of you who are like Rob)

1/4 Cup of Margarine (again, 1/2 square for Rob)

8 cups-ish of broken baked things (think stale cookies, brownies, cakes.. that sort of thing)

2 Cups of flavouring liquid (brewed coffee, tea, fruit juice… etc)

I kind of made this up as I went, but it starts by melting the chocolate squares and the margarine. You can use a double boiler, a bowl placed over a little simmering water in a pot, or you can watch it like a hawk and use the microwave. While it’s doing its thing, break up your cookie-things. The first time I made this I used just cookies (shortbread, jelly-filled), and added some coconut for texture. This time I used a combo of cookies and some brownies (which I can’t take credit for, unfortunately we didn’t get to finish the ones that my friend Andrea made for me!! Hopefully she’ll forgive me if she reads this… they WERE REALLY good!), and kept it simple. Dunk each piece into your liquid of choice, and let them drain slightly suspended in your hand before you place them in a large mixing bowl. Pour your melted-chocolate sauce into the bowl as well, and mix together well with a spoon or spatula. This is the neat part; the soaked-goods start to mush together, making almost a batter.

Prepare your pan now. I use a 6 inch spring-form pan, and placed a layer of parchement in the bottom (and through the sides) so as to give myself some handles to take it out when it’s set. Grease the pan with some cooking spray (or margarine/butter), but be careful not to over saturate the pan. As this isn’t getting baked, the grease will pool and make a rather unattractive (read: gross) yellowy film. Pour the batter into the pan and place it into the fridge. Chill it until set (which should take a couple hours).

If you’re like us, then it won’t last long. If you’ve got someone in the house like Rob, then it makes a great breakfast before you (I) get up in the morning! Let me know what you think by commenting, sending me a message, and of course SUBSCRIBING!


One response to “Chocolate Leftover Cake

  1. This rocks! I had it for breakfast! Also, I melted the chocolate, thanks for the credit dear…. ALSO, I suggested he put chocolate chip cookie dough on top next time, but I doubt I’ll get my way… AND, he seems to blame for me liking sugar when in fact it’s his fault that I have said “addiction” to said product.

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