The Human Signpost; Blue Hair

As some of you know either from being acquainted with me on a friend level or from reading my “About” page (yes, just click the nicely-placed link to be whisked away gentle readers), I work on my hometown’s Pride Committee. My usual duties include acting as the Media Chair (write releases, handle interview requests, make the computer things beeboop and bop), but this year I also co-planned the big Parade and Festival events. Within this capacity was corralling a host of vendors and participants of various capacities, many of which I had only conversed with through email prior to anything happening. To this end, I wondered how I could make myself stick out so that if need be, I or anyone else could just say ‘look for that guy, you know… the one with the _______”. I was already planning on going blonde again (I do that sometimes), so I thought why not hit two awkwardly coloured birds with one stone and do some funky colour too?!

Hence, blue hair. To answer your question regarding my original role with the Pride Committee: Yes, I have done a lot of interviewswith Blue Hair. I have had my tinge for 6 days now, and though it is washing out nicely I have gotten a lot of compliments about it! I’ve been really surprised; even the elderly residents in my apartment building (who are completely ok with me being gay btw) enjoy it! Now I’m not going to say that there isn’t the possibility that some of the attention isn’t bad and I’m just oblivious, but regardless, I’ve had fun with it and it was suggested that I explain how I did it.

Believe it or not, Kool-Aid still exists!

Kool-Aid is the key ingredient in funky, freak-your-folks-out hair colour. I remember everyone doing this when I was a kid, but I never did. In all likelihood, as an awkward lonerprobablygay youngster, I didn’t want to draw any more attention to myself than I already did. Now that I’m a rather well-adjusted adult, I’m cool with neat hair every now and then! And actually, there are two methods that I know of that have the same end result. If you know of any others, please feel free to fill me in by commenting below. The first is to mix packet(s) of Kool-Aid in the desired colour into a cup of boiling hot water. If you want a bright and true colour, use at least two packets (depending on how dark your hair is). I used two and achieved a blue that is exact blue in the picture to the left… but i had platinum blonde locks at the time. Put your boiling water in a dish that you can hold your hair/head over for FIVE minutes. I used a coffee cup as I really only wanted a bit of the front of my faux-hawk tinged. It helps to have someone with you to help direct your hair into the coloured water, and to wipe up and drips you may make. Again, it really only takes about five minutes before the heat from the water opens up your hair follicles to absorb the colour. Check it after the timer goes off and even go as far as rinsing your hair out to see what it looks like dry. If it’s not good enough then microwave the snot out of your dye and repeat the process again. This way can be a little tricky because it’s just water that you’re trying to keep on your hair and it’s hard to keep it from running. The second method is a whole helluva lot easier, but takes considerably longer. This process involves making a paste that can stay on your hair while you go about your (hopefully inside!!) activities, much like you would if you were using a box dye to recolour your do. Empty the Kool-Aid into a dish, then add a couple drops of water and stir until the powder has dissolved. You literally only want the smallest amount of water, so be careful. Next, add enough Hair Conditioner to make a thick paste.

I even used a Q-Tip asmy stirrer. We’re going all out here folks!

Now again I must add that I am pretty cheap. Like, run past being frugal and there I am with my blue hair. I have no preference for conditioner or shampoo, as I find they all pretty much do the same if you leave them to do their thing long enough. *DISCLAIMER: I am not a beautician (Shocker right?), so I am not an expert. Remember, I’m cheap so I haven’t had the luxury of trying out lots of expensive products. END DISCLAIMER* When you’ve mixed your homemade dye, apply it to the areas that you want dyed. Sorry, that’s pretty much as technical as I can get. Super easy. When you’ve finished you’re going to have to wait a couple of hours. I actually tried both methods in one day (mainly because I was curious), so as I had done the hot-water way previously I didn’t have to wait that long for the conditioner to soak the colour through my hair. I did still wait about three hours. If you’ve got particularly darker hair than you may be wise to work out a way to sleep with the goop on (please do so I can be directed to funny day-after photos somewhere online!). After both methods you’re going to want to be careful about washing your hair; too little and you run the risk of still having grossness in your hair… too much and it’s going to fade or worse–turn a different colour. Day six and my hair has gone from the bright blue in the conditioner-mix photo to the almost ethereal tinge in the hair shots. You be the judge for your own.

I even used a Q-Tip as my stirrer. We’re going all out here folks!

Some tips:

  • – If you can, try to locate sugar-free Kool-Aid packs; the less sugar=less sticky mess in your hair when you’re washing it out.
  • – The more packs that you use, the truer your colour will be.
  • – Be aware that some colours may show up in a few days that you weren’t counting on; Green from Blue dye, Orange from Yellow…
  • – Buy drink mixes in bulk; they’re dirt cheap (mine were 39 cents each), and they help you keep your colour longer. (Generic works too)
  • – Dyeing your hair with Kool-Aid is only less-damaging then real dye if you don’t bleach your hair like me :p
  • – Use gloves or you’ll dye your fingers too.
  • – Old towels help, and if you can, colour while shirtless so you don’t have to worry about ruining that brand new shirt.

Hopefully this has helped either explain why I have blue hair currently, or create my own personal army of rainbow coifs. Have something to add, or a suggestion for a future blog? Comment below! Remember to share and subscribe too!


One response to “The Human Signpost; Blue Hair

  1. um… “I’ve had fun with it and it was suggested that I explain how I did it.”…. No credit?! It was my suggestion! Also, people… I suggested he use all the colours at once… Anyone want to start a mini-poll suggesting he do this?

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