Sushi Masters


I sat and watched these women work for probably ten minutes while Rob was running around the grocery store doing his errands. They were so entertaining, and slightly reminded me of myself and how I cook. I live in a very small space and have quite a smaller space in which to cook all of our meals, much like the folks that create the gorgeous sushi at our local Atlantic SuperStore (a Loblaws brand). I watched how they cook their rice, dice their veggies, and wrap their collections with seeweed in awe. They create masterpieces in no time at all in no space at all, and all the while they are talking to the customers that come and ask them questions about their menu. During my sit-and-relax, 5 people came up and almost wiped out their whole display; so they obviously have a decent-sized following in the city. It’s surprising to me that there are enough people in town who enjoy sushi that a Bento place can set up shop (even if it is part of a larger brand) and appear relatively busy; though then again there have been around 3 or 4 boutique sushi places open up in the downtown core of the city. I’m not the largest fan of the food, but just spending some time watching people such as these women create their works while laughing and interacting with frankly one of the most white-collared cities that could be makes me think that maybe one if these days we’ll take a break and pick something up for supper! Are there any sushi fans out there that could help a couple of newbies out? Leave a comment below!


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