On The Road Again (My Kingdom For A Bathtub!)

We should have expected that Rob would have to travel somewhere only weeks after the last trip (well, months I suppose if you wanted to get right into the nitty gritty). This time we find our little selves in a mid-cross country trip west.

Our overall destination is Toronto Ontario (otherwise known as the centre of the universe if you’re from anywhere remotely Canadian :D), but as neither of us drive it took some doing to plan it. We had to take a bus to Moncton (where I’m currently writing from) and do an overnight before heading out tomorrow afternoon on the train. How excited are we for another train ride!?!

It will actually take 3 days to get there, and 3 days to get back, so while our trip itinerary seems long it really isn’t terribly. Funny story; I let Rob do the preliminary planning. Bad idea, but at least I caught it before we left on his 24 day trip!

As usual, he wasn’t happy to start the morning off with the snacks we brought (seriously… It’s a lot), so I walked the ten minutes it takes to get to Tim Hortons from the bust station, and froze my adorable butt off doing so. Oh and hey, its a Saturday, so of course the line is 30 people long. I got back just in time to grab our luggage and board the bus!

When we got into Moncton, we had a late lunch at our new favourite local spot The Old Triangle, which we visited the first time a couple months ago on our last trip. This time there was even an Irish band playing for us!

I’ve been freezing since I got up this morning, and I’m not entirely crazy as it is getting colder out. I have this tradition of having a bath in every hotel we stay in, but was disappointed that there wasn’t a tub in our room. They must have splurged on the eye-searing decor used in the common areas instead…

I had to settle for a shower instead, and I would seriously hate to see how much hot water I used. It’s their own fault for not having a tub in my suite. Curse you Marriott!

Oh, and then I ripped a towel (by mistake of course people). I didn’t mean too, I just sort of picked it up and remarked at how old it looked. The bindings were all shrunken up so I did what I normally do at home and tried to stretch it back to normal. Without the slightest pressure it shredded. I felt really bad until the woman that came and brought us another one remarked that she had a new rag haha. There was no comparison to the texture between the old one and new one too.

I’ll probably upload some pictures later when I warm up a bit, so stay tuned!


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