Guess Who?

It’s been a goodly amount of time!

Honestly, I inadvertently hit perpetual Writer’s Block during the Winter this year, and spent most of it in a weird haze of familial commitments, extreme body dismorphia, depression, and various other miserable signs of my favourite dark-time affliction; SAD. That said, I don’t think I’ve ever been as open about it as I am right now, which has to be a decent sign that things are on the mend right?

I genuinely missed writing my thoughts and ideas and have felt literally empty without the near-constant feedback and questions about my posts from my friends on Facebook! I’ve been filling my time with some self-learning about computers and software (as once again higher education and the fees associated with have spat cold pea soup on me), writing for a Sims/Maxis fansite (and having a ridiculously good time doing so), and going through the process of de-cluttering my life, which just so happens to be a simply perfect practice for a small-space apartment blogger!

Let’s talk about food, DIY, and particularly gardening as my thumbs are turning greener each day I look out and see the snow fade away.

With that I finish for now. I can promise that I’m back friends. Excited?604057_10151526754298184_885616958_n


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