One Proud Plant Parent

Springtime as a gardener is almost as busy for me as someone who has a little more space to putter around with. Yes, I live in an apartment and my garden is a balcony, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easier for me than my parents with their yard. I’ve still got to prep my soil and planters, organize my seeds and plan out how everyone is going to fit comfortably, and clean up the mess that Winter crapped all up in my space.

As time-consuming as that is, and as much as I’d like to compare my plight as a hobby-grower to the earth dwellers below, that doesn’t mean that I’m exactly timely in my Spring prep. And by timely I mean I’m lucky if I remember to head out to the store to pick up my seeds before they’re all gone and we’re sporting shorts and shades.

Imagine my surprise when after my latest time-related panic I arrive at my favourite farm supply depot to find that the shelves are fully stocked! I felt like I was in some bizarre Christmas Carol interpretation written by high school students. And also like a very boring kid in a very healthy candy store.

We spent so much time staring at that glorious wall of potential produce that 3 separate workers came up to ask if we needed any help. Pfft no!

In and around my work schedule and personal health troubles this past week I was able to set up about 75% of my little greenhouses with seeds so I’m a happy camper overall. How excited was I this morning to head over for my ritual spritzing of water to find that I had one little Cucumber sprout up, with another seed just bursting and poking through the surface in the adjacent cell? If it’s pathetic to be giddy over my first sprouts, then so be it. I feel like a proud parent! Plants count as children right? Right?

Like a proud parent at their child's first tree-role in a school play, I must embarrass my sprouts with camera in face.. err, leaves.

Like a proud parent at
their child’s first tree-role in a school play, I must embarrass my sprouts
with camera in face..
err, leaves.

Normally my first seedlings are of Snow Peas or the like, but I’ve decided to wait a little before I start those so I honestly wasn’t entirely sure what my firsties would be this year. As I said I still have a half of one greenhouse to plant up, and I’ve yet to start the herbs that I was thinking of but I feel like they are going to be direct-seeded and incubated under some cling-wrap. I may have stopped my prep because I got distracted… but I won’t tell if you won’t.


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