How Did You Celebrate Mother’s Day?

My Mom is sort of like me in that we both appreciate some time in the garden playing with dirt and plants. I ended up having to work this past weekend (when Mother’s Day is celebrated here), so we planned that we would hang out on Monday instead.

When I opened the car door she was overjoyed when I passed through a single 4-count cell pack, each section housing a single sprout.


She read the colour-coded markers and read off what each was (2 kinds of one of her favourite perennials called a Coneflower or Rudbeckia). Then I handed her a single envelope, housing the extra seeds that I didn’t plant so she could throw them to the wind in the gardens back at the house. This is what made me think of posting about it…


Instead of giving her the seed packets without an image on them, I googled what each variety looked like and printed out a picture for each. That way I could tape it to the opening and she could see what made me think of her when I saw them.

All in all it was a great gift, as I had prepped 4 plants that would be ready and probably close to flowering this year, and she could have fun planting the seed at a later time when the soil dries up a bit at their house.

I did give her a nice necklace as well, but had to make a box for it as it didn’t come with one; but that may be another post entirely haha!

The rest of the day involved me making lunch for her and laughing that she had never had fresh pasta before (or Tortellini at that!). My Mom is freaking adorable :p


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