The World That Still Has No Name

This is the second post regarding a new hobby that I have picked up and am slowly teaching myself; Playing with the Official The Sims 3 Create A World Tool! You can bring yourself up to speed HERE if you so wish:)

I think that I’ve come a long way since I was given a big mushy-pea-green slab of pretend land to carve into my very own world. The process is simple to pick up but oh so tedius to get anything reasonably acceptable to even the lowest-end OCDers out there. It pretty much works like a toned-down version of stock Windows Paint, but has some key differences. The biggest being that you’re working in a 3D space instead of a flat 2D plane. The other big one having to do with the fact that it never left Beta mode…

A lot of people give it flack for not living up to the hype, for it being a fidgety, flighty, and all around pig-headed program. I can’t blame the people that can’t get it to work on their setups. I think that specs wise it’s best on something a little more advanced than what is required (well, recommended at the bare minimum at least), and as it stands I didn’t have much luck ages ago when I first started to play with it on my now deceased Laptop.

I’ve been told I have a lot of patience for the process, and I guess that could be accurate. I’ve spent a fair amount of time going at it this week…but honestly I find it kind of zen. Weird?

As of now I have about 99% of the actual carving done to my world, and have only one last Island/section to paint with something half decent. That said, it is the largest section apart from the central volcano to do, so I’m a little intimidated. Hell, I’m freaked 😀

There’s still a LOT to do, including refining some of the random hills and flattening out the main drags for road placement *which I’ve heard is a pain*, tweaking my first-loved-now-hated beachtoshoaltowater ratio, creating different lot sizes in a reasonable pattern to resemble something livable, populating the entire world with trees bushes rocks and everything else tropically I can find in the program menus (here’s a hint: LOTS OF FLOWERS… surprised?). Oh yea, and I suppose I should maybe place some buildings and families down. For all of you non-simmers…. that’s a lot of nitty gritty building!

That isn’t to say that I’m disliking this at all if that’s how it sounds. I’m actually enjoying the process immensely.. it’s helping me through a difficult time in my head.

OK, so maybe I just wanted to write something down to pass the time, but I also did take more photos! These show off some of the terrain painting I’ve done, and it shows a good contrast between where I’m at now and where I started. I said it before, but I do encourage you to take a peek at the first post and the gallery there!

Without further ado, take a look at my work in progress! It still is slightly nameless… I’ve got a couple of ideas floating around, but I would love to hear of any that you can think of! Throw me some comments!


8 responses to “The World That Still Has No Name

    • Oh my gosh thanks! I don’t think I realized that they would auto conform.. probably would have been something good to know earlier on haha! Oh well, I’m having fun at least, and I seem to have bitten of more than most people do their first time. Just like me to do so!

  1. The roads will take the shape of the ground beneath it. There are tools to set the grade and level the land; I suggest you save your work before trying them as some of them will bring the road to a FLAT point through out the map. Some times you can just back up to undo (with the undo button) but there are some changes that do not completely undo…always save your work before trying something new.

    I created a volcano world several months passing. I was waiting for the Paradise Islands expansion before I completed it. Now that it’s completed with diving and boats, I am debugging it and preparing it for installation into game mode.

    • Ah yea, I have seen those tools… But not really understood what they would do. Most people tell me to work it out and play around with things, but I actually care about this world and I don’t want to ruin it. I’m too ocd like that haha

      • If you save first and the appearance is what you desire, you can always reopen the world without saving. Be sure to read the boxed that appear because they will ask you if you want to save and they will as if you want to remove old backup files. The backup files are auto-generated and good to have in the event something goes really wrong.

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