A DIY That Didn’t Work. Like, At All.

So, I made a funny.

To give the tiniest of backstories, I was given a coffee from Tim Horton’s by a co-worker as she wanted to help out the company’s Camp Day fundraiser. Within 3 minutes of leaving my work from a meeting I had that afternoon, I had spilled it down the front of my very pale cream shirt.

Mortified yet laughing at the same time… yea, this shit happens to me daily.

By the time I got home it was bone dry, with close to no hope of stain-be-goning-it. That’s cool, because even though I’ve been spiraling in a void of depression (depressing.. no?) I was surprisingly imaginative.

I hatched a plan for what would be my most amazing DIY attempt yet, and would smell only sweeter when it was finished. Well, and during it. Mostly during.

If it was stained a lovely coffee bean in specific dribble spots down the front, then why couldn’t I stain it all over that colour? I picked up a package of instant coffee yesterday and made a shirt-stew in my largest stock pot. Even figured out that I should weight the shirt down into the murk with some plates so as to maintain an even stain.

Then this morning I rinsed it a bit and hung it up to take in all its joyous roasted-smell.. only to notice that the initial stains were a shade darker. Also, that I had forgotten to rinse the shirt when I got home to get rid of the antiperspirant and it now made the shirt look like I was sweatin’ like a foo the day before.


Well, this goes to prove that even in fits of inspiration that sometimes things don’t work out. DIY in an of itself is a trial by trial process, and a lot of mistakes are made before a final trophy comes from it. I feel like my process was sound, as I remember when I was a kid my mom basically staining older denim jeans a darker (though still hilariously 90s blue) colour to extend the life of them.

I didn’t take into account that re-staining something would create a darker colour.

Oh well. Learned and lived as the case seems to be. And I’m only out 2.50$ for half a bottle of instant coffee and a shirt that is 8 years old. Too bad that it’s only started fitting me now, but it could be worse. It could have fit me from the beginning 🙂



2 responses to “A DIY That Didn’t Work. Like, At All.

  1. This would make an AWESOME base for a zombie shirt! The kids and I do just this with tea before we start adding all the bite marks and handprints and blood!

    • As it stands, I feel like I could actually get it one nice dark coffee colour, but I’m so at a loss to find the energy to get on projects these days that I don’t think I have it in me. THAT SAID.. WOW YUMMY SMELLING APARTMENT!

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