I Have Freaking Missed My BBQ


It has been almost 4 weeks since I ran out of propane. That’s like 28 days (and just as horrifying as the movie no less) without the smells and sounds and eventual tastes that that beast in the corner of my balcony makes.

Rob was completely disheartened when I came in from the patio that unfortunate day to inform him that I couldn’t get the grill to start. I had burned through all the gas I had in a month and a half. How does one do that? Well… 4 times a week would do that I suppose.

I’d been busy at work most weekends (and trying my best to have a vacation from my parents), so when I eventually did inform them that I would need a run up to Costco for a refill neither believed me. Just an airlock they said.

Two days later Dad had to venture over to prove me wrong. I had the biggest smirk on my face when he conceded that I did in fact run out.

Another 2 days and I was on the way home in the car, propane in tow. Of course I was working all that weekend and was exhausted, so I didn’t have a chance to hook it up.

This morning I did… Only to cut myself. How you may ask? I think the bbq was angry it has been empty for so long. How excited were we to throw on some various freezer meats for supper tonight? The sweet gassy indigestion I’d ask we can reply with 🙂

Have a grilling story for me? A must-try? Comment below and remember to have fun grilling readers!


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