My Urban Garden

Just quick post to brag about how green my balcony is becoming! It’s taken 4 Summers and I think I’ve finally got the ratio of plants to livable space down pat. Normally I’d have close to 100 planters tucked in and out and everywhere creating a freaking adorable little garden……that you could stare at from one little patch of floor just on the outside of the patio door. This year I’ve trimmed it down to 31 planters total, with loads of space left for some of the stragglers inside yet to come out.

I say that I’ve cut my pots to one third my regular, but in reality I’ve also crammed as many large ones as I could. And while it looks nice and quaint, I also have 3 chairs and a little bistro table, and of course my BBQ (Pride and Joy.. should probably name it soon).

A note about one of the pics below, I took a shot of my plastic pots and trays from my Atlantic Superstore’s Garden Centre to remind me to tell you all that if you’ve got some laying around taking up space, check and see if you can bring them back for recycling. It’s not just my store that recycles, so check around to see if you can return things after you’ve transplanted your spoils into your own space. If you were going to return things to your Superstore, they have a coupon you can get for some dollars off your next purchase there! Sweet!

In any case, a quick little gallery in the high sun of mid afternoon, and yes both of us are as un-clothed as possible being outside. This morning I re-threaded the vines upwards and looked over my root vegetables. One of Rob’s mints is flowering nicely too so I’ve propped it up in the open to attract some cute little pollinators to my garden! Click on the images below to see a larger version!

Some in depth notes will come soon, but for now take a load off and sit out under The Arbour At Balcony Bay. Drink menus will be around shortly 🙂


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