New Favorite Plant

This year we experimented by planting some strawberry seeds in a terrarium. These weren’t your regular everyday strawberries mind you, they were an ever bearing variety called Alpine Strawberries. Ever bearing means that instead of just flowering once during the summer, they send up buds year round. With that attitude in a plant though, there is some sacrifice; the fruit are quite small.

Needless to say, that project didn’t work out as it was my first terrarium, and the moisture ratio was way off. I decided I would wait until the fall to start that dealio once more.

Eventually, when picking up some herb plants at the market, I noticed that they had the same type of berry, just a year growth wise over the seeds. This was crucial as the plants I would have had myself wouldn’t start producing until year two.

Score! I picked up two plants for Rob, and they’ve been soaking up Sun on the patio the entire season. Of course I hadn’t been paying too much attention to them lately, and hadn’t noticed that some of the ring fruit were ripe!


I really HAD to snap a picture this morning before grew had them gone in a gulp. To cute right? I feel like these need to be on little skewers over a cold drink.. or maybe even frozen whole as is to be used as ice cubes in lemonade? Any ideas readers?


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