The Arbor At Balcony Bay Lives Again

I really love my garden. It’s not like that’s obvious or anything given how many posts lately I’ve done about it, but it’s true.


My patio is an oasis of sorts, the plants absorb the heat and nicely and give off a refreshing moisture filled breath of crisp air.. the opening buds and dew are a treat of smells… And of course how fun is it to just reach down and break off a sprig of mint, a handful of carrot and beet greens, and a couple berries for a deconstructed hand-salad?


Last night was the first night in a long while that I’ve willed myself to get off my safety couch (depression is kicking my ass honestly) and gone out to just sit. A couple hours with actually. Rob and I watched the sun set, the moths come out, and listened to the emergency vehicles swirl through the downtown core; there was a thunderstorm earlier that outed some neighborhoods.


It’s just so serene in my green–the handful of candles providing the only light source, the vines growing up the back of our chairs.


I really do encourage everyone reading this to look at whatever space you’ve got and see how you could create your own Zen. Maybe you don’t need to hop fill on rainforest as I have with a 6 foot tall home made bamboo and vine cave, but if a little bit of green could help me snap out of feeling like I wanted to crawl into a dank dark hole I’m sure it could help you to.


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