Had A Visitor

On the weekend there was a point one morning that I just didn’t have anything in me. All I could do was sit on the couch and look out my window. There are days like that, and there have been more recently than normal, but I don’t mind it because it gives me a chance to relax and contemplate whatever I feel I need to.

Of course, I’d like it if my relaxing time wasn’t filled with stressing over a squirrel.


How he got on our balcony is rather beyond me. It’s not entirely all that accessible in that aspect, but he (I named him Skip after the fact for no reason) managed to find his way and was honestly pretty comfortable looking. He inspected my plants (obviously looking to help if needed), admired my bbq, felt that my watering can was stored in the wrong place… Even visited our neighbors to laugh at their set up as we do.

I sat there mesmerized, until I realized that I live in a city and am actually really afraid of squirrels. Petrified.

Rob came to my rescue even though he had no clue what to do, and made friends with Skip and persuaded him to leave so I could go water my crops.

Persuaded means he went out with a swiffer and coaxed him around the balcony until I moved into the bedroom to direct from the second window.

Sometimes I miss Skip, most times I freak out when I pass under a huge oak tree on our way to the umpteen errands Rob’s planned for the day. I just happened to come across Skip’s photo as I was bored clearing some space on my phone while waiting to get drilled at the dentist office… And giggled 🙂


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