I’ll level with you; I’ve never made kebabs before. I really haven’t eaten them either to be honest, mainly because my parents are really boring when it comes to food. I grew up eating the same meal more or less for the 20 years I stayed. Mashed potatoes, frozen peas, hunk of burned meat from the bbq. It was only until I dabbled in vegetarianism that I started looking at different entree styles and the like, but because I didn’t want to go near the grill as it was meat central, I missed out on a big part of east coast cooking.


The Sun started shining at least!

I think I rectified that last night as I grilled my first kebabs on the bbq….in the rain! How more Atlantic Canadian can you get? My dad always grilled during the winter in the snow, but I had yet to experience it myself.


The puddles on the street

Strung together tri color peppers, a yellow zucchini, some assorted tiny tomatoes, mushrooms, and hunks of chicken thigh on my new metal skewers (wasn’t going through the trouble of soaking my wooden ones.. I was hungry!), threw them on the hot greased grill, and slathered them in General Tao sauce.


Drenched alpine strawberries

Yea.. I burned some. I still had fun though! Especially trying to decide where I would put down my platter and utensils so they wouldn’t get drenched!


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