I’ve been meaning to post for over a week now about me finding popsicles again. Yes, I realise they were never really lost, but I honestly have not had a popsicle since I was a teenager… And it would have been years before that that I made any.

You know how you can freeze juice and have it as ice cubes so it doesn’t dilute your juice.. or like how you can make pops if you buy those cheapo molds and have the patience to not disturb them before they are fully frozen?

I found the coolest (read: adult sized) molds with a stand in my grocery store at the beginning of the summer that I needed. They were like 5 bucks for a set of 6, and they came with a stand to set them up in. It took all of probably 3 weeks of starting at me with invisible eyes for me to think up what to make with them.

I chose the hottest day off the year, which tested that patience mentioned earlier and then some!

I worked out that I wanted to try and make creamsicles, but I don’t like orange that much, so I altered it to make limesicles instead. Lime is pretty much my favorite fruit of the moment, so it fit!

Ice cream was on sale that week, so I got a carton of plain vanilla. It’s Chapman’s, which is a Canadian brand that isn’t very hard.

Mixed about 2 cups (alright, I filled my Pyrex measure to the top, which is about 2 and a half maybe) with about 1 cup of prepared lime frozen juice. Why limeade? Well, because I’m on this kick I’ve been drinking it a lit this summer so I had a can in the freezer.

The ice cream melts slightly to ease in the combining, but ask it takes is maybe two minutes of stirring in a bowl with a spoon.

Pour into your molds, and freeze until they are set. Easy!


My next ones I think I want to add some cracked black pepper to give it some spice. I also thought that I would grate some lime zest into the mix as well, but honestly they turned out really good!

I have thoughts of making lime and cherry as well, and maybe a triple mint with the the plants I’ve got outside in the garden. What do you think? Any other ideas or combinations you like?



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