Yours Truly (The “About” Stuff!)


(Yea, I’m usually that awkward loud talker)

Welcome to my blog! I feel like this is the elevator-speech right now; my one 5 minute chance to see you, grab you, and make awkwardness in front of you in the obscure hope that you’ll come back and we’ll repeat the whole dance once more.

First off, my name is Charlie (*extends shaky hand in vain attempt to perform a manly shake*), and I live in New Brunswick, Canada. For those of you from out of the country, that would mean the east coast. For those of you from the US, we’re that other part of the state of Maine… New Brunswick is know for fishing and agriculture, word-class music festivals, beautiful scenery from end to end to end, and a friendly attitude towards any and everybody. Seriously. Tourist Season (the Summer) brings oodles of the camera swingin’, sun-hat-wearin’, skin broilin’ folks, and we love all of ’em!

I still live in my hometown, and really don’t travel much. I really wish I could, and believe me, the Bucket List is long, but it’s hard to make ends meet AND have constant adventures on a student budget. Yes, I am in school, having just finished my Certification as an Event Planner and returning to commence a Bachelor of Commerce program. My fun consists of the simple things: cooking, reading, movies, cooking, yarnisms (they’ll make an appearance here I’m sure), cooking, urban gardening, volunteering for different organizations such as my own city’s Pride Committee, writing (this is my third blog!), and cooking. Oh, and eating too!

My “hook” as it were in my blogging life has always been that I am a student and yet I do a lot to occupy my time that really doesn’t cost much. I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment with my fiance (those of you that know me understand how much space his work takes up). I have 100 square feet of balcony space in which I garden during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months, and mostly gorw all harvestables so we don’t need to buy many vegetables for food. I cook most of our meals in my tiny entryway kitchen (and have one square of counterspace) and single, senior-sized oven/stove. Our closets are filled with staples like flour and pasta (and a small number of clothes too). We live well, and do a lot ourselves that for some reason a lot of students have lost the ability to do. I really believe in making the most of what your situation entails, and we both find that we have a lot of fun spending the least amount of money as we can. To me, that’s a universal message that I hope to share with you, no matter what your own circumstance is.

Honestly, I hope to impart each of my loves with you and much more, because there is such a great community to be built when one just reaches out and bear-hugs life! By building and growing connections made through simple hobbies and passtimes, you’re set for life as you’ll never be lonely, never be tired, never dance alone, and most of all, never feel awkward for singing to yourself in the public bathroom….because the person next to you at the sink will pick up from the bridge 🙂

Thanks all for watching, stay tuned for the show!


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